Phonsavan, Laos

At the Plain of Jars site 1 a lucky jar sits just a few feet away from a bomb crater

At a press conference in September of 1969, President Richard Nixon had the following exchange with journalists regarding growing suspicions that the US military was involved in a secret war inside one of Vietnam’s neutral neighbors, Laos: Q: There has … Continue reading

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Kids in the floating village are too young to understand their country's history but not too young to ask for peace

The countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other neighbors once composed the single country of Indochina. A lot’s happened since then though as various more powerful countries from both East and West have fought for influence over these small Southeast … Continue reading

Hue, Vietnam

Basic Needs patient has returned to the work force making food snacks for street merchants - is proud to be supporting his family once again

On the 4th of August, 1964, near the height of the Cold War, the President of the United States interrupted a national television broadcast and falsely told the American Public that two US destroyers had been attacked with torpedoes by … Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand

Woman paddles towards the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market for work - our ride costs just a few dollars

It’s already been a couple weeks since we pulled into the marina on the north side of Phuket island, where we intend to leave Tamarisk until we depart Asia in a couple months. We’re accustomed to seasonal weather delays like … Continue reading

Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Classic Phi Phi Don

Thailand’s west coast is world famous for its stunning vertical cliffed islands, idyllic white sand beaches and turquoise coves. A few have have made their way into popular movies like Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach and the James Bond film The … Continue reading

Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Decrepid pier leads to an abandoned island on Pangkor - we wish we knew its story

From our fairly primitive vantage point here half way up the Malacca Straits near Pangkor Island, it’s difficult to believe that one of the world’s most dense and technologically modern metropolises (metropoli?) lies just a couple hundred miles away. But … Continue reading


The view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands is stunning

It’s time to talk about a subject that’s a bit ugly, but an important one if you’re into the kind of things we do. That subject is crime, and specifically its sub-category: scams. If you grow up in a nice … Continue reading

Kumai, Borneo, Indonesia

This orangutan is the alpha male of the area meaning he is domant with the lady orangutans - their knees wobble simply at the sight of him.

So we’re finally back underway after more than six weeks of being stalled around Bali. The length of our stay there was unscheduled, but also not a big surprise, as we had arrived in Bali without a clue regarding where … Continue reading

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu beach on Bali's southwestern tip

Jason has been slacking lately on his blogging responsibilities, so it’s Piers here filling in. We’re well aware that an update is long overdue but there has been a lot going on in our department. The reason is because we … Continue reading