Lefkas, Greece

We’ve been quiet lately for a reason. We made it back to Tamarisk and tried to make a beeline from Lefkas, Greece to Malta, but quickly realized we had electrical problems that would make our three-day passage risky. So we turned around and put the boat on the dock for repairs that will include removing the engine, reconfiguring the electrical charging system, and replacing all the batteries, among other things. It’s our last chance to get inexpensive boat work done before we cross the Atlantic Ocean and, given the distance we’re about to go with this boat, we’d be stupid to leave here without cleaning things up. But it also means we’re “stuck” in Lefkas for a couple of weeks that we weren’t expecting.

As our friend Jackie reminds us, “I can think of worse places to be stuck”. We know she’s 100% right about that, so we’ve spent the past couple of days exploring all corners of the island by rental car. There is no such thing as being stuck here – you could literally spend a lifetime in these islands and still not have time to see it all, let alone get bored. Porto Katsiki Beach on the west side of the island with its stunning white cliffs and bright turquoise water is just one example of a paradise here that seems more fictional than real even when you’re standing right there on the white sand.

The unfortunate part about our current delay (other than the repair bill) is that our friend Jimmy from the Black Sea Run has joined us for a few weeks of sailing around the Med, which is now on rain check while Tamarisk is disabled. So today we’re off for a day of sailing with our new friend Gabriel who’s parked next to us and wants to make sure Jimmy gets to do some sailing, and make sure Piers and I don’t get too lazy… so gotta run now!

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