Uluwatu beach on Bali's southwestern tip

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Jason has been slacking lately on his blogging responsibilities, so it’s Piers here filling in. We’re well aware that an update is long overdue but there has been a lot going on in our department. The reason is because we both took a two week hiatus from our yachtie lifestyles to return to the ‘real world’ to catch up on some business, see family and friends. However, it was returning to Bali and Tamarisk again that brought back the feeling of home which makes us ponder where or what ‘home’ really is. More than a physical place, home to us has become a comfort we get from a sense of adventurous uncertainty of what lies ahead. As we plan our itinerary moving forward, and as our time in Indonesia winds down, our focus shifts to planning our route through East Asia.

Our time in Bali has treated us well and we continue to be amazed at the rich culture and diversity, and we will leave with a deep sense of satisfaction. As well as the having the Italian cousins aboard, Desi also managed to make it out to visit again for a few weeks to enjoy Bali, soaking up the holistic lifestyle with some fresh juices, massages, views of rice terraces, and temple visits. Being the only Hindu island in a predominantly Muslim Indonesia, there is a unique character and personality to the people which is heartwarming and inspiring. The daily offerings, frequent celebrations, and multitude of temples and shrines demonstrate a way that personal spirituality and religion is so integrated into daily life… something that seems foreign in most western religions which tend to make the church and clergy an intermediary between oneself and God.

We are spending our first days back in Bali exploring the southern beaches of Uluwatu and Padang Padang, made famous by amazing waves, surf communities, and sheer cliffs where we are again reminded that there is something here for everyone… not just the drunk Aussies that infiltrate the bars and alleyways of Kuta Beach. We’ve been joined by our friend Antra who’s come to explore Bali with us for our final days here. From here, we’ll head back to the Gili Islands to finish our SSI dive certification with our final two open water dives, then begin our northerly charge towards Singapore and Malayasia nearly 1000 miles north.

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  1. Margaret

    Beautiful pictures guys! Having just returned from 10 days in Israel, I am certain we could have an interesting discussion(s) on aspects of Eastern and Western cultures and beliefs. Marg

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