Dolphin show

Ios, Greece

Today was a day when it was difficult to find anything to complain about… but other than that, it was just perfect. We left Amorgos in the morning after shooting a few landscape pics and did a beeline for Ios. The sailing conditions were about as perfect as one could ask for. 10 knots of Wind came straight on the beam (the side) all day so we didn’t have to tack (turn) even once… all we had to do was sit there and enjoy the scenery as the remote Greek islands passed by on each side. We are now outside the reach of both the charter boats and most of the motoryachts, so we sometimes get the feeling we might be the first people to ever see some of these places.

As we approached Ios in the afternoon we noticed a fin in the water just off the bow. When we walked forward to see what was in the water we got treated to a live performance by two dolphins that ranks right up there with the best we’ve seen even at Cirque du Soleil. We had the cameras ready as we always do, so you can check out the footage in the vid posted below. Unexpected moments like these are what a trip like this is all about.

We’re now in Ios for a couple of days (we think), where we’ll do some exploring around the island and catching up on things back in the office. Both Piers and I do work from the boat, but because our “balance” is pretty good, we sleep well even without sleeping pills.

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