Rhodes, Greece

Three more elapsed days and no miles traveled… that’s a sure recipe for bringing morale down on the boat. On the bright side, the sat com is now almost fully installed and we’re planning our route for tomorrow morning. Our departure in the morning still depends on whether the technician shows up to activate the sat com tonight, which we think is about 50/50. He promises he’s gonna be here within an hour, but we’ve been in Greece nearly a week now so we know not to put too much faith in so called “promises”. Frankly we’ll be thanking our lucky stars if we get our sails up in the morning.

Our next stop will be the island of Symi, which is just 20 miles northeast of here, so with any luck we’ll be there for lunch tomorrow.

Some people back home have been asking us to post some videos in addition to the pics. We are truly amazed and grateful for the interest people have shown in our trip, so we’ve created a YouTube account and will be posting an occasional video for those of you who have been asking for them. We can only upload video files when we have a good wi-fi connection (on the land), so we probably won’t be able to post these on a regular basis. Below is a short clip from our first crossing, plus a quick bike tour around Rhodes.

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